Content Creation

Major Grunge is an active and successful Content Creator on, and through his podcast “Grunge vs. All of Reality”. He goes live on Twitch as a pop-up performer, you gotta be lucky to catch him.




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What Am I About?

I (THE Major Grunge) am all about honest, intentional creation and Community development. I absolutely LOVE people and I bring that into everything I do. Through my content I explore my curiosities, on Twitch that is frequently through performance art, and through my Podcast both Human Interest and Philosophy. If you give me time I guarantee I can win over your heart, as some people say “A generally likeable dude”

Why me? Of all the people you could watch or work with what exactly do I bring to the table that no one else does? In all of my business I prioritize humans and connection above all else. I believe that people are incredibly fascinating and beautiful and they are worth so much more than a dollar sign. When building a community, or advising you on how to do your business, I will be able to bring a perspective that will allow you to grow and honest human-centric brand that will last for a long time. No quick cash outs here, but I promise it is a much better way to do business. On top of this I have a wide range of experience in the art world and in the business world, and a personality people call “somewhat charming”.

My content is not massive, but my growth rate and numbers given the time I have been creating are significantly above average. I can also guarantee that I will do more research and will work harder for YOU than almost any other consultant out there. With a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Allow me to provide value to you.

Let’s Connect!

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